19 Weeks Pregnant – growing big and looking after a sick child

Today marks 19 weeks pregnant which made me think earlier this week, “The second scan must be coming up soon” only to realise it’s next week. It’s so weird how everything was such a big deal in the first pregnancy. I would always be counting down until my next midwife appointment (I forgot my last one, oops, rescheduled and done now – sorry for wasting public funds) or scan. I am really excited about it all, if a little bit preoccupied and a lot more relaxed.

I do still forget every now and then that I’m pregnant but Talitha and my body are good at reminding me – as is the baby, kicking away. Talitha loves reading There’s a House Inside My Mummy which my mum bought her. Coincidentally, Knitty Mummy had just recommended it to me. I’m having a hard time explaining to Talitha that I can’t pick her up as much as I used to. Some of it is SPD-like twinges but I’m also out of breath and feeling pretty unfit all of a sudden. I’ve been thinking I may need to use the book to help me explain it to her.

A buggy is now definitely top of our wish list. I’m scouring eBay and have been asking for stroller type suggestions on Twitter (feel free to add your own in the comments, by the way). I read all these articles about women babywearing throughout their pregnancies but it’s boiled down to the same thing as with breastfeeding in pregnancy – you just can’t predict how it’s going to go for you.

I am loving my new podaegi Pouchlings made for me out of my Storchenwiege woven wrap. It’s perfect for long trips and deserves a blog post in itself as it’s a lesser known but brilliant carrier. It’s like a mei tai but without the waist strap, which means I can avoid the bump altogether. It’s been great for short trips but I’m afraid to take it out for anything longer without Laurence there. Since I still don’t drive, a lot of our trips out are long. I’ll give it a go soon though and let you know.

So I’ve been making do with a stroller a friend generously gave me but I’m finding it’s not great on my back as it’s a bit wonky. It’s been a saviour but I need to upgrade, considering Talitha might still need a stroller now and then when we’re out, for quite some time, although I am hoping to pass my driving test in a couple of weeks’ time which could help. Our travel system that we got before she was born is a bit better on my back but it’s fairly heavy and I’m just getting tired out, pushing it uphill to get home.

19 weeks pregnant - growing bigger

I’ve now got to the stage where my bump is a bump for all to see, though Laurence still says I just look chubby – not true and not what a girl wants to hear when she’s about to get into a swimming pool (we had such a great mini break at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, will tell you about it next week). I am wearing maternity jeans and they actually fit. I’m also despairing that the skinny Levi’s my in-laws gave me for my birthday now definitely don’t, but I have a plan for those. Time to get crafting.

I’m getting bits of pelvic girdle pain here and there so need to book in with my osteopath ASAP. It’s still nowhere near as bad as it was by this time last time but I just don’t want to leave it to chance – toddler plus needing to walk everywhere means I really need to stay in action. I’m also taking it as a message my body is telling me to slow down a bit so I have to get a bit creative (and organised!) about spending time at home too.

As it turns out, we had a very quiet day yesterday, though not for the greatest reason. Talitha has come down with some virus. It’s her first illness since I’ve been pregnant and the first since she’s become so verbal. She’s spent the day saying “I tired, Mummy. Feeling a bit sick. Sit on Mummy lap, listen to wheels on the bus.” So that is what we’ve done basically all day. She has slept on my chest and we’ve used up my Spotify hours listening to The Wheels on the Bus on repeat. She woke up if any of that changed so I had a real flashback moment to when she was a little baby and needed to held to nap – while I was desperate for the loo! She wanted to breastfeed a couple of times too but only briefly and she wasn’t too bothered when I asked her to come off because it was uncomfortable for me.

The day made me slow down and think about a number things. This might be the last time we get a full day of uninterrupted cuddles like this. Life will change all too quickly but the change is a good thing too. We will have another little baby soon. I can’t quite wrap my head around all these things.

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  • You look really healthy and I hope everything goes well at the scan next week. I carried Dylan a bit during my pregnancy in a woven but there was no way I could do it full time, I got out of breath walking on my own let alone with a chunky toddler on my back! I hope you find the right buggy for you, the Quinny Yezz is the lightest I have ever tried and a dream to push but it is an odd one. x
    Bex @ The Mummy Adventure recently posted..This Too Shall Pass

  • We had an afternoon like that last week and it was actually really lovely. I think it’s great that you’re not being hard on yourself about not being able to carry T for long periods. I hope you manage to find a good buggy! We had a travel system from Mamas and Papas which was great, if bulky. We now use a Britax B-Agile 3 (Frog’s hypermobility means she gets tired so I still tend to take the buggy out just in case) and I love it. It’s lightweight, easy to put down and put back up again and it looks nice too. Good luck in your buggy search – and I hope T is feeling better now. x
    Molly recently posted..Spain in September: Things to do

    • No, no, not being hard at all. I think my body’s just telling me it’s time to prepare for the second baby. I wouldn’t be carrying my nearly three-year-old and newborn together (though some do!) so it makes sense that we have a time of transition. We have a M&P travel system too and it’s good but too big for me pushing it uphill. Will check out that Britax. x

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