35 Weeks Pregnant – the Toddler, the Baby and Me

I saw this model of an eight-month-old fetus at AtBristol Science Centre last week. Jess from Along Came Cherry and I took our kids there for a Toddler Takeover and we both reckon this baby looks huge for that gestation! I couldn’t believe how heavy the 9-monther was. Not that I even understand pregnancy in terms of months, really.

Talitha’s conversations with the baby are becoming more elaborate now. She tells her what she’s doing. She’s even started – occasionally – using her name. She’ll say things like: “I’m splashing in my bath, —” or “I will wash your hair when you come out, —“. The latter isn’t that affectionate, really. Talitha hates having her own hair washed! Today she brushed her hair then brushed my tummy, telling me that she was brushing her sister’s hair. She thinks it’s funny that the baby is upside down. “I want to be upside down in your tummy with —,” she says. I remind her that she was in there when she was a baby. We frequently look at her little book of baby pictures. I really hope that I can continue to make her feel as loved as she does right now while giving this baby all the attention needed.

AtBristol Toddler Takeover

I’m waking up a lot at night now. It’s bizarre how that happens in the last stretch. Just when your body should be storing up sleep, it decides you should learn the daytime-zombie-nighttime-live-wire pattern instead. Or at least my body does. I remember having a bit of pregnancy insomnia in the last trimester last time around too. On the upside, I’m getting lots of practice listening, breathing and relaxing to the Colour and Calmness CD from KG Hypnobirthing.

The nesting instinct has kicked in, in a big way. I’m organising all of our things, working my way through the bedrooms and the playroom trying to get every thing as sorted as possible so I’m not hating myself hunting for things when everything goes mad. It’s strange how I didn’t really experience this with Talitha. I was excited about getting her baby things but I felt little impetus to sort the house, whereas it’s such a strong instinct now.

I’m going through a mental nesting period as well, flying through books about birth and parenting, some new, some old. I can’t remember when last I read so voraciously. I love that I feel confident enough now to take what I feel fits our family and leave the rest behind.

Toddler Takeover AtBristol

In many ways, that defines my outlook on this new adventure we’re taking. No doubt the transition to life with two children will be unbelievably challenging and of course this baby is a different person altogether, but I don’t feel like I’m venturing out completely into the unknown this time. I’ve done alright these past 31 months. It may not always feel that way but I know, ultimately, it’s true.

This baby may never have my undivided attention the way Talitha has but she’ll no doubt have a mother who knows a bit more about what she’s doing.

All photos taken at the Toddler Takeover at AtBristol

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