A back garden microadventure – Paternity Leave Activity #3

Circus Queen’s husband here, reporting on what the toddler and I did at 8 days postpartum.

I first came across Alistair Humphrey when her Majesty showed me an article he’d written in Green Parent Magazine. She knew his ideas where right up my street and could see that it had captivated my imagination, so she bought his book 10 Lessons From the Road for my birthday. This led me to his blog and more research into “microadventures”.

He describes a microadventure (or #microadventure for the cool hipster blogger) as…
“Simple expeditions and challenges which are close to home, affordable and easy to organise. Ideas designed to encourage ordinary people to get Out There and Do Stuff for themselves”

As I’d got a new a tent for my birthday I thought it would be fun for me and Talitha to put it up. Then I thought it would be fun to sleep in it. Her majesty thought I was nuts – her baby brain must be in full flow to allow it!

Talitha was great at helping



She loved playing under and on the fly sheets,


dancing and collapsing in the “bedroom”.


Bed time came around. We got seriously kitted up. Layers are key to staying warm in sub zero camping. She wore tights, vest, pyjama top (I would strip her down to this incase we bailed back inside), her fleece Tigger suit, fleece hoodie and her fleece snowsuit. I wore thermal socks, long johns and long sleeve top and one lambs wool jumper and another heavy knit jumper (loads of pockets of air). I also doubled up our summer sleeping bags. Ideally we should have shared a sleeping bag, but we’re not yet kitted out for that.


We went through the usual bedtime routine, seriously expecting her to be awake for hours. But no, she was asleep in minutes. And slept all night. I, on the other hand didn’t. Too much time worrying about her warmth, the cats outside and my own discomfort.


We woke to a lovely sky and frost on the tent.


Her first introduction to camping; my first formal introduction to microadventures.

Thanks, Alistair.

ETA: Laurence has now launched his own blog, Chasing Wilderness, documenting a search for adventures in the everyday.

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