A cat welcome home

Sometimes I forget we are cat people. Back when I was pregnant with Talitha I was absolutely desperate to get a kitten. I was living in a new city, working from home and struggling with my mobility due to SPD brought on by the pregnancy, and I think all my hormones were crying out for a pet. So I talked us into believing it wouldn’t add much work to the responsibility of the first baby we were about to have. So we walked out of that friend of a friend’s house with not only the tabby cat we’d agreed on but with the little black runt of the litter too. Just two months before Talitha was born, Bojangles and Hero joined our family.

Then we had Talitha. The night before she was born, Bojangles perched on my bump while I laboured. He was a lot more smaller back then, mind. He’s officially a big cat these days. In fact I remember thinking as I lay there that he was so little. When we eventually brought our baby home, both kittens seemed to have grown overnight. That was also the end of their having our undivided attention.

Yet as we’d hoped, the kids have grown pretty attached to our furry friends. So they’ve had more hands to cuddle them, even if those hands have sometimes needed to be taught how to cuddle gently. Unsurprisingly, the kids missed our cats terribly the month that we were away and kept asking me what I thought they might be doing. I hadn’t expected that I’d miss them quite as much as I did. I kept imagining them sitting in the corner of my eye.

We talked about all the ways we’d treat them when we got home. So when WHISKAS® asked me to imagine my ideal date night with my cat, I suggested to the kids that we think about what a welcome home party for the cats might look like. They came up with lots of extra stroking and brushing, playing with home made cat toys (they’re forever making pompoms for the cats) and a special treat to eat. So, we made it all happen this weekend with Whiskas cat casseroles, possibly the cats’ favourite part of the celebration.

And of course we needed to eat too to make it a real party. I’m expecting treating the cats for Christmas to be next on the children’s agenda.

This post is in conjunction with WHISKAS® but all thoughts are my own

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