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For weeks, Talitha has been excited about our Christmas tree delivery on December 1st. Its promise proved a potent pick-me-up when she started to get the blues about our holiday in Madeira coming to a close.

The day after we got back, a friend took her to a home ed group and I dropped Ophelia to her childminder, dashing back to await the exciting delivery from Pines and Needles (tracking is available if you live in London but it’s not an option for Bristol deliveries just yet).

When both got home, they were ridiculously excited about the packages in our livingroom. I unwrapped their mini trees, which they’ve since decorated and put on the dining table, watering them every day. Then we took out the garland which now dons one of our banisters, making us look a little over-the-top enthusiastic about the festive season, which is probably accurate.

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree

Yet the grand attraction waited in its box for Laurence’s arrival later since I knew there was no way I’d manage to stand an 8-foot tree on my own, and besides, I’d forgot to ask him to get the stand down from the loft (I physically cannot get up there).

When he got home, Talitha requested “O Christmas Tree” on Spotify while we put the tree up and was keen to get it all decorated right away. Sadly, it was late by then and both children were rubbing their eyes so they put on an ornament each and we took Christmas books up to bed for story time. Delayed gratification and all that.

Finally, we got decorating over the following week. We’re still not completely done as I like a busy tree and the girls seem to follow me in that. So, I think we’ll be making a few more bits to add to it over the next few weeks.

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree-7

We’ve finally reached a point where it feels like we’re building a collection. I look at all of our decorations and they all tell a little of our family story.

There are a few pound-shop baubles I bought the year we were married when we were skint and I wasn’t as confident in my crafting. There’s the star I bought at a craft fair I visited with my mother-in-law the year I was pregnant with Talitha.

The white clay ornaments Talitha and I made the year I was expecting Ophelia are still going strong as is the angel that tops it, a gift a few years ago from my mother.

And this year, the three of us have added some super cute but rather simple pipecleaner and bead creations. My mother-in-law also bought the girls a the lovely cork star pictured at the start of this post, as a memory of our trip to Madeira.

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree-3

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree-4

We took some photos of our beautiful Christmas Tree yesterday and Ophelia kept saying “Kissma Chee”. We may not have decorated it as a thing of magazines but I look at it and already see so many memories in just the six years since Laurence and I got married.

Thanks to Pines and Needles for sending me this tree and other accessories. According to their website, this 8-foot Norman Fir costs £81.95. For information on booking and what other services are available (they even offer full installation and decoration sets) visit Pines and Needles.

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree-8

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