A look around our playroom

Our house has a large reception room. It’s a living room that’s with an extension, essentially. The previous owners used the extension as their TV/sitting room and the rest of the space didn’t seem to have much of a focus. We decided to turn the extension into a playroom for the children. Over time, it’s taken a life of its own. I’m sure we’ll do much more with it yet but this is where I’ve done with it so far.

A look around our playroom-6

A look around our playroom-5

The IKEA Kallax is a brilliant storage solution, particularly because of the brightly coloured Drona boxes that fit it. I’ve found that I really have to separate and categorise toys or Talitha just doesn’t play with them. Perhaps she feels as overwhelmed as I do, glancing a box full of goodness-knows-what.

A look around our playroom-3

A look around our playroom-4

Witty Doodle sent us this Octopus canvas print to review and it’s so lovely. The shapes and colours are specifically meant to inspire babies, encouraging brain and vision development but both children seem quite taken with it.

It’s 40x40cm and clearly of high quality – a cheerful addition to this room. I may move it up to the girls’ bedroom at some point but, at the moment, we’re enjoying it here.

A look around our playroom-9

A look around our playroom-8

A look around our playroom-7

I’ve had an ongoing question of how to arrange the books so Talitha and Ophelia would be inspired to look at them independently. Not that Talitha needs much encouragement but lots of books were being ignored just stacked on a shelf.

Using a couple of the Drona boxes on the floor turned out to be a much more accessible solution, particularly with the floor cushions next to them. It feels like a little library.

A look around our playroom-11

A look around our playroom-10

We’ve been doing a themed corner for a few weeks now. First we had Chinese New Year, then dinosaurs and now Easter. Talitha wants to replace it with fish next.

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