Wellies and Pyjamas

The weeks have suddenly grown longer with Talitha. Part of that is due to my energy levels. I’m feeling uncreative and unmotivated most days and if I haven’t taken the time to loosely plan the next day, we’re doomed to mutual grumpiness. I think it must also be that time of the year, though, when Christmas has come and been so winter seems unforgivingly endless.

Toddler looking at chickens

I look out at a grey, wet morning and would rather stay in bed, reading a book or playing on the internet. My toddler sweeps back the curtains and proclaims it farm day. Yes. We will go to the farm and see “am-ah-mals”. But not cows. Lawrence Weston Community Farm does not have cows.

Greedy pig

I never regret overriding my laziness to get out and explore with her, particularly at the moment when her recent nightmare has transformed the house into a world of tiresomely scary things. The distraction of the outdoors is welcome. So welcome.

Lawrence Weston Community Farm

I know I’ve had about two-and-a-half-years with Talitha but is it weird to say I still feel like I’m only just getting into my stride with this mama thing? Do you ever get to the point where you feel like: “Yes, I know what I’m doing now”? It’s all about to change again too!

Joules girls pyjamas

As gloomy as I do sometimes get about winter, I can’t imagine raising a child in the tropical one I grew up in. I love that we can follow a chilly day outside with a pyjama snuggle.

Joules toddler pyjamas

Throw in a few bunnies, books and cuddles and I start thinking I may have got it wrong. This may well be my favourite time of year.

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