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Hello! I’m Adele Jarrett-Kerr and this is my little piece of the internet where I think all the thoughts out loud and try to figure out life as mother, writer and occasional wild woman. This is a blog about consciously navigating family life. That means I’ve not arrived at some final destination where I’ve figured it all out – and I probably never will – but I’m going to ask a lot of questions along the way.

It’s come a long way from its inception in 2010. Back then, I used it mainly to moan at strangers about how weird pregnancy is. Nowadays, it’s a place where likeminded people, often parents, come to read and talk about issues around creative and ethical living, conscious parenting, home education and nature connection.

I live in rural Cornwall, UK, with my husband Laurence and our daughters, Talitha (8), Ophelia (5) and Delilah, (3). I’ll never get over how lucky we are to wake up every day in the countryside and near the coast. I’m a freelance writer and Laurence is farmer and graphic designer. We both work flexibly so that neither of us miss out on the valuable experiences of being with our children and doing work we love.

I’ve also begun to make more mental space for other creative work and have begun writing and performing poetry again after a break. I shared from a collection I’m still working on, Everywhere at Once, at Penzance Literary Festival 2019.

I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. At nineteen, I moved to Brighton for university. I used to glibly say I hold a Masters degree that I only use to get abusive with 17th-century documentaries but I’ve realised as the years have gone by that it expanded my perspective in ways I’m still uncovering. Nothing in life is wasted. In my final year, I met Laurence at a church meeting in a pub and the rest is history. I got stuck in this cold country.

From Brighton we moved to Bristol, from one fascinating city to another. Our three children were born there. It was a good home to us in that time.

But we got the itch for change again and a job presented itself to make possible a move further west to Cornwall. For Laurence, it was a longed-for return. For me? Well, I’m sure I’d heard of Cornwall in the Arthurian legends but it had never registered to me as a real place before moving to the UK. I also only learned to drive at 28 so I didn’t consider living in the countryside a realistic option until we decided to make it happen.

We made the big move from our city home in early 2017 and haven’t a regret about heading for the sea.

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This blog has been going for almost seven years and I do take on commercial partnerships where I feel it fits.

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