Are you baby-crazy too?

At one point, I wasn’t really into babies. I didn’t really notice them. I just sort of registered that they were babies, that they were sort of cute and didn’t think about them. I certainly didn’t ask to hold them. In fact, on occasions when they were offered to me, I took them awkwardly and counted the moments until they could be returned.

Then the womb-longing started. Suddenly I noticed babies. Everywhere. And they were so cute. A woman would walk past us with a pushchair, I’d glance at Laurence and he’d shake his head. It was as if my baby radar had been switched on without warning.

None of this compares to what’s happened to me now. Not only do I notice babies wherever I go but I get all emotional about them. Let me explain.

You know those karaoke TalkTalk adverts during The X Factor (Yes I’m one of those)? The ones with the babies, man, I can’t get enough of them. I can feel my oxytocin levels rise while the babies are being danced about by their parents. It’s made me take bathroom breaks so I can sneak in and look at my sleeping daughter. It’s sad.

What I want to know is, have you had this? Has having babies made you baby-crazy too? And does it last forever?

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