Autumn Camping in Cirencester

OK, so it’s not quite the depths of Autumn yet but we are a week in. The weather is taking a distinct turn and we thought we better sneak a family camping trip in before it gets really cold.

autumnal camping-2

We’d chatted with a friend about our families camping together in the summer but the holidays being what they are (too busy, as usual), it didn’t happen. I’m so glad we decided to go this past weekend instead of ditching the plan altogether.

autumnal camping-3

Laurence found this sweet camping spot, the organic Abbey Home Farm in Cirencester (I’m pretty sure I’m not pronoucing that properly…even in my head) about an hour from Bristol for our one-night stay. We almost had the place to ourselves!

autumnal camping-4
The land is not ours, it belongs to the future and we should leave it in good heart.

The kids loved being surrounded by sheep and cows. The adults admired the flowers. We all loved a look around The Organic Farm Shop onsite. I may have been unable to resist buying something pretty for our dining table. I’m sure it’ll feature in a post at some point.

autumnal camping-5

autumnal camping-6

Laurence had this idea that he and the kids were going to make bread on a stick (we did eventually show our friend’s four-year-old where to hold it so it would actually cook, promise). The kids loved it but Laurence got really stressed getting dough all over his hands – ha! Then Talitha was the only one who actually liked eating it, ah well.

autumnal camping-7

It was amazing to see the children make their own fun. We didn’t take much to entertain them. They just loved romping in each others tents, exploring the woods, collecting pine cones and climbing trees.

autumnal camping-8

I enjoyed waking up to this sky.

autumnal camping-9

And this baby.

autumnal camping-10

I must admit I’m relieved she’s not crawling yet, though. As it was, I had to keep fishing grass and leaves out of her mouth. My mother tells me I ate a lot of sand as a baby. She’s probably smiling at this.

autumnal camping-11

It really wasn’t that cold and I don’t think the kids would have much minded even if it were. Even when the adults were all bundled up, they were throwing off their layers. It’s our second camping trip all as a family and our first with friends. I’m looking forward to doing this more.

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