A BabyBash not a baby shower

I’d said I wanted to have a baby shower because if I were in Trinidad, I probably would have had one without fear of it being branded an Americanism. Ever wary that he might be sidelined in this parenting lark, Laurence wondered if he and his mates would be welcome there. Obviously, that meant baby food tasting and nappy folding competitions were not going to work.

Instead, we decided to barbecue it up in the garden with bunting from our wedding, picnic mats and fairy lights. Always ones for the big food party (basically, we like to eat. A lot), the menu nodded to our Caribbean roots with rum punch, sorrel, jerk chicken and lamb, and pholourie, filled out with pan-world salads and the food and drink that our guests lavished on the party. And as we say in Trinidad: better belly bus’ than good food waste. That said, I never want to peel another potato ever again.

Since my parents live in Trinidad, they couldn’t be there. But my mother made her contribution by suggesting we have people paint babygros. Well, bodysuits do just as well. If it were up to me, a star or moon would have done but we’ve clearly got some creative friends. I only hope the creature doesn’t grow so quickly that she doesn’t get to wear all of them.

There were also lots of guesses in our baby pool as to when this kid is going to bust out of my uterus. I think most were trying to be quite kind but, sadly, unrealistic. My favourite guess is May 29th (the actual due date) at “high noon”. I also can’t help but smile at the guess “June 11th” followed with “sorry!” The idea was that guests would pay £1 per guess. The winner gets 25% of the prize and 75% goes to charity. My neighbour just said to me a moment ago that whatever date it is, they hope they’re out since it’s a home birth!

We were overwhelmed by the effort our friends made to come and celebrate our baby’s life with us (as well as our birthdays and new home – we thought we’d might as well make this the party for everything). Having friends from Bristol, our universities and even Laurence’s school was a powerful testament to us of how blessed we are. I know some of you read the blog and I just want you to know how grateful we are to have you in our lives.

We’re also thankful for these…

By the way, for those who were there, it would be ace if you could let me know which bodysuit you painted!
Those who weren’t, what would you have painted?

Ever the graphic designer, Laurence had a bit of fun with the invitation too.

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