Babywearing with a Newborn – Having a Sling Consultation

We started wearing Talitha in a stretchy wrap when she was four-weeks-old. Ophelia was in it at fourteen hours.

We knew that babywearing would play a big part in our parenting style this time around. It made life much easier with Talitha and it does such good things for babies to be held closely and carried – a lot!

I’d had a free consultation off Katie from Carry Me Slings on toddler wearingover a year ago, back when she was finishing her babywearing consultant training. I was keen to have a paid session with her to explore all our options for wearing our newborn.

Katie from Carry Me Slings - Bristol babywearing consultant.jpg

First off, we talked about the question that so often comes up with newborn babywearing – legs in or out? I’ve heard the case argued both ways.

Talitha always seemed uncomfortable with legs in so it was obvious that she needed them out. I’d been trying both with Ophelia and just couldn’t get both of us happy with her legs out. It seemed instinctive to have them in.

Katie reassured me that every baby is different and that it would become apparent to me when it was time to get her feet out. That makes sense to me. Ophelia does tend to curl right up when asleep on you, whereas Talitha was always kind of sprawled.

We then went through the different types of slings. We started with the stretchy wrap (the Close carrier is an easy alternative for those who want a stretchy wrap without having to wrap but I didn’t look at it because I knew I wouldn’t be buying one).

Stretchy wrap

I’d been wearing my Moby but not finding it as comfortable as I remembered. As it turned out, I wasn’t tying it nearly tight enough, which is funny because I’m always telling other people that they need to tie it tighter than they think! I still think it’s such a lovely, snug option for a newborn.

We also looked at a wrap conversion ring sling (my current favourite for ease though I’d have struggled with it as a first-timer, I think), a Podaegi (we agreed that I might find this more useful later on when I’m ready to put her on my back), a Kenyan khanga (I’m leaning towards leaving this one for later on too) and a woven wrap.

All of those are in my current tiny stash. I downsized to fund Christmas and am trying to convince Laurence that I need to buy a baby-sized soft structured carrier….and maybe a few other slings…

He asked about soft structured carriers as he loves the ease of buckles and finds them the most comfortable option. Katie actually explained how we might adapt our toddler carrier for a newborn. I’m intrigued and well up for giving it a go soon. I doubt Talitha will be much impressed though!

Toddler babywearing.jpg

It’s so lovely to be carrying a sleeping newborn again. I think I forgot how much good it does a mama too.

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