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I have an admission to make. I feel like I should be whispering this or at least putting it in tiny writing. My children have baths two or maybe three times a week.

I know, I know! And I could start telling you that it prevents their skin getting too dry (it does) and that they don’t get that dirty (in this cold country, they don’t) but a big part of it would be that I often can’t face the effort of bathing them and as neither of them seem to have any trouble winding down for the evening, I haven’t worried about it too much. A wipe down will often suffice.

However, when they do have a bath, it is a beautiful thing. We all really enjoy it. Sometimes one of us gets in there with them. But mostly we enjoy watching our three-and-a-half-year-old and nearly-one-year-old play in the bath together. Often, they seem to forget about us all together.

I’ve made a minute-long video to remember what I love about this special time of our days.

It brings back happy memories of baths with my brother. We used to love taking bottles and cups in the bath or shower and I think my mother sometimes had a hard time getting us to come out of there so we could go to bed!

Whenever they have a bath, I’m willing my brain to lock in those memories, those snapshots in time: Talitha putting suds on her face and calling them a beard, Ophelia learning to splash and pour water from one cup to another, Talitha showing her what different toy animals are, the sounds of delight both of them make, two little faces looking up at me from a cloud of bubbles.

That said, I am often watching the clock, looking forward to putting them to bed so I can have a few child-free hours. And if Laurence is around, I’ll happily hand him the bath time task. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Cussons have produced a humorous video about all the dramas involved in “real-life” bathtimes as part of their #voicesofmums campaign.

The Cussons Mum & Me range is hypoallergenic and the Baby Ultra Mild Head to Toe Wash is made with camomile, which will hopefully usher alert little ones into a state readier for bed.

Cussons Mum and Me \

I’d like to know about bath time (and bedtime) at your house. How does it happen? Do you do baths every night? Who does the baths in your house?

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  • I do give my 2 a bath every day at the moment (unless we’re late home from somewhere and they’re too tired). To be honest, it’s my little bit of downtime – they play so well together and I can just sit and do nothing! They’ll happily stay in for at least half an hour, sometimes more and there’s no demands on me. I have been through phases where I only bathed alternate days but they missed it, and so did I! I’ll occasionally shower them instead (which they also love) but it takes more input from me.

  • I bath mine 2 or 3 times a week too. They do both get eczema but that’s nof really why. It is just a lot of effort and rather thann calming my 2 down ithas the opposite effect and they never settle to sleep!

  • I really love this super sweet video – some to really cherish. I also have to admit my little man only makes it into the bath about 3 times a week – he enjoys being in there but it’s getting him to go in thats the problem – oh well don’t think it does any harm

    Laura x
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  • Absolutely gorgeous video. Our girls only have baths 2-3 times a week too; I could claim it was because of water-saving environmental reasons, but actually it’s kind of more of the effort thing – although they have a lovely time, once you add in the water play and pretending to be a mermaid and the bouncing on a bed in a towel and the hairdrying for the eldest etc, it kind of takes a while. So by having less baths, the ones we have aren’t too rushed with plenty of time for play.

  • I’m completely with you. My kids have a bath maybe 3 times a week at most, partly because they have dry skin but also because I don’t think they’re that dirty. But when they do bathe they have a lovely long play together or sometimes I’ll share a bath with one or other of them too. It’s still one of my fave ways to spend time with them x

  • I now feel a bit embarrassed to admit my children sometimes have two baths a day! Not most days, I have to say, but they do have a bath every day and sometimes more than one. They just LOVE baths, absolutely LOVE them. I slather them in sweet almond oil afterwards and they love that too.

    They’re both total water babies. Most days I have a bath with them mid-afternoon before tea, they love the ritual, we play with things like ice and other bits and pieces and it’s just a lovely splashy happy time. Sometimes Noel baths them in the morning too, they’re both early birds and if it’s cold and dark and dreary a bath cheers everybody up. And they always get in the shower with me too. Water babies through and through 🙂

    I find it so sad that we feel even something as lovely as a bath becomes steeped in judgement and assumptions. This idea that we are ‘supposed’ to bath our kids every day or we’re bad parents. I wonder how many parents are forcing themselves through joyless stressful bath times because ‘that’s what you’re supposed to do!’
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