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For the last couple of months, the kids have been doing live online sessions with Bean Learning. I’ve paid for all of them myself and they’re having so much fun, I’ve been telling everyone about it. Since I’ve been sharing about them A LOT on my Instagram stories, Bean Learning have given me a 20% off code to share with my followers, valid until Wednesday 28th October 2020 at 10pm: AJKBEAN20

Bean Learning is an online platform that connects learners of all ages with educators who creatively collaborate with them. So far my 9 and 6 year olds have done the Lego Club, Craft Club and Drama Club. The former seems to be extremely popular and they had a brilliant time, creating and drawing inspiration from the other participants but I asked them to choose a session each. The 6 year old chose craft and the 9 year old chose drama. These are honestly highlights of their weeks. I wouldn’t have thought that could be said of Zoom sessions but all the session leaders are all wizards at engaging them.

Last week saw my 9 year old planning her costume well in advance and asking to get home in time to perfect her elf ears for drama. I always hear lots of noise and movement coming from the room and wonder at how they manage to create a story over Zoom but they always do.

My 6 year old loves gathering materials from around the house and letting inspiration strike. For her, the session is as much about the chatting and using her imagination as it is about crafting. Last week I asked her if she got ideas from Jay, the session leader and she said: “No, Jay got ideas from me!”

I can see both of them stepping into their confidence with these sessions and from what they say, it sounds like the experience is being co-created with them rather than being something that they simply show up and passively participate in. Sessions are kept small to allow the educators to really connect with the learners and give them lots of attention.

Obviously, in these pandemic times, it’s really helpful having online activities available. We’re actually self isolating this week as we’re waiting on Covid test results so it’s been brilliant for the older two to have things still going on. But even if that weren’t the case, I really appreciate them attending sessions that don’t involve a 20-30 minute drive somewhere and back, especially for the sake of my four year old. And it means that I can cook dinner during the after school clubs instead of dragging everyone about when the nights are drawing in as we head toward winter.

The platform is really straightforward for booking and Bean Learning give some pretty comprehensive safety points to consider and chat with your child about. All the sessions are on Zoom and they give you all the info you need to set things up.

I’ve also done a parenting session with them on managing conflict and it was brilliant for helping me to put some more language around working together to find solutions that meet everyone’s needs. There’s a 6-week session starting on November 1st which I feel entirely able to recommend based on my session.

Take a look at all their scheduled events, and remember to grab the 20% off code, valid until Wednesday 28th October 2020 at 10pm: AJKBEAN20 They also offer one-to-one tutoring, bespoke sessions that you can set up with friends, project based learning and homework help.

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