Boy or Girl?

We had our 20-week scan today. Encouraged by friends, we decided to take the girls with us. As we parked, Laurence admitted that he felt nervous, in a good way. I worried last minute that the hospital staff night not be so keen but they were more than welcoming.

This was particularly kind of them because I totally mixed up the times! We were supposed to be there at 11.45am but I wrote down 1pm which is actually the time of my next midwife appointment! Baby brain to the max – is there any hope?

Our sonographer was friendly with us all and even engaged the girls, while still doing all the important bits. Viewing the heart, brain, stomach, vertebrae and all the rest, I held my breath at times, hoping it would be OK and aware that there was a chance it might not be. But it was. Our baby wriggled and waved and kicked the sonographer’s hand away at times. It was all incredible to see. A real baby.

Talitha was spellbound, visibly delighted. I don’t remember the other anomaly scans being quite so clear. Both times I had to take the sonographer’s word for it when she described what was on screen. I was especially glad for the girls’ sake that it was so incredibly clear this time. We got a close up of the nose and lips (checking for cleft lip) and they looked just like Ophelia’s!

Ophelia was quiet but attentive, sitting on her daddy’s lap. I still wasn’t sure how much she understood but she’s been pointing to my tummy and saying “baby” ever since so I think the experience has made an impression on her.

A we left the room, Talitha was quiet. Then she admitted that she was disappointed the baby’s sex wasn’t what she’d expected. As for us, I think we’re both still processing the revelation but we are, of course, delighted. The reality that this is a real, live baby that we’ll be meeting pretty soon is truly setting in. All looked healthy and normal, a relief.

As for the news of whether we’re having a boy or girl, sorry to tease but I’ve put together a little video so the kids can tell you.

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