Buying a house – the journey begins

The toaster we bought as celebration, even though it’s early days

So we’ve started the very exciting process of buying a house. It’s not something I ever expected to do and I give Laurence full credit for helping us navigate our way through the rather overwhelming and slightly scary experience it’s been so far.

There’ve been so many decisions to make and I’m pretty indecisive so had it been up to me, I don’t know where we’d be in this process. Contracts aren’t exchanged yet but we’ve had our offer on the house accepted and the ball’s a’rolling.

We’ve looked at country versus city, suburbs versus centre, two bedrooms versus three, in good nick versus definite fixer upper, main road versus quiet road, and on it goes! Huge options!

On the topic of bedrooms, Laurence has grand plans for Talitha’s room. Apparently he’s going to make it so cool that she’s going to want to sleep in there and not in our bed, so he says. Well, good luck. Maybe eventually. He can have fun giving it a go anyway.

And as for decisions, I found out last night that we can give our house a name! This excites me no end. I’m definitely thinking of bringing something Trinidadian into the picture. We’re putting down roots together, after all, and I’m keen not to forget mine – and Talitha’s.

I’ve shared so many journeys on this here blog. I’m looking forward to telling you more about this one as we go along. I’d also love any advice you have to give about moving and creating (and keeping!) a home. Pinterest and I are about to get even friendlier!

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