Chinese dragon craft – Chinese New Year

We’re going to some Chinese New Year celebrations later this month and I’ve prepared Talitha by showing her pictures and videos online and reading a few stories about it. It’s a bit of an education for me too because, although I’m part Chinese, I didn’t grow up with this festival.

Anyway, Talitha has fallen in love with Chinese dragons and, though they’re usually friendly, she wanted to make a fire-breathing Chinese dragon. We were sent some bits and bobs from Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club for a Chinese New Year craft so it all fit together quite well.

Chinese dragon craft-2

We used: a gold paper cup, a sheet of red card, foam star stickers, gold rick rack, yellow and orange tissue paper cut into strips, three lolly sticks, googly eyes, glu dots, foam adhesives, a glue gun, a permanent marker and scissors.

Chinese dragon craft-3

I cut out the bottom of the cup and used glu dots to stick the strips into the opening. This was the fire coming out of the mouth. She stuck the eyes on with glu dots, drew the nostrils with a permanent marker and decorated the dragon’s head with foam star stickers.

Chinese dragon craft-5

I cut the red card in half and cut one half into two rectangles which she folded into fans for the dragon’s body. I stapled one to each side of the dragon’s head. The second half of red card, she drew wings on and cut them out. She stuck these to the body with foam adhesive and decorated the body with foam star stickers.

Chinese dragon craft-4

Since I knew she’d want to play with her dragon, I used the glue gun to hot glue the lolly sticks to the body – two forelegs on either side of the body and one backleg as she’d used a glu dot to stick the body together at the tail end. She also added a piece of gold rick rack as a tail with a glu dot.

Chinese dragon craft

And there’s our dragon. She’s a lady dragon, apparently.

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