Chinese New Year sensory box

Last year we got seriously into Chinese New Year. With it rolling around again, I thought I’d share the sensory box I put together for Talitha to enjoy when she was three-and-a-half. At going on one, this really wasn’t suitable for Ophelia at the time so I put it up on the table whenever Talitha wanted to play with it.

I had some rice I’d bought cheaply from an Asian grocers, which I coloured with red and yellow ready mix paint by mixing the colours in separate bowls and laying it thinly in baking trays to dry.

Sensory play for Chinese New Year

Then I added yellow beads, lots of pom poms, chopsticks, some envelopes we’d made with Chinese symbols on them, bowls, a cup, a spoon and a ladle. Hours of fun, let me tell you!

She practised picking things up with the chopsticks, threading beads onto a chopstick, pretending she’s making pancakes with the rice and ladle, burying things, tucking things into the envelopes, pouring things – it was endless.

Sensory Box for Chinese New Year

When we moved on from Chinese New Year, I stored the rice and brought it out again for their Autumn sensory box. Ophelia as a toddler was then old enough to safely enjoy it so I put the box on the floor.

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