Choosing organic for babies’ skin – a night with Neal’s Yard

Talitha explores the Neal’s Yard Remedies Bristol store
“People are realising what goes on our bodies goes in our bodies,” said Elisabeth Winkler, speaking on behalf of Neal’s Yard Remedies.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. We put a lot of crap on our skin, most of us.

We slap on creams and potions willy-nilly with no care for parabens or whatever kind of scary, synthetic thing might be in them.

It seriously hasn’t bothered me much in the past. I only wanted to know that my mascara would stay put no matter what, not about what was actually in it.

Then a few years ago, I looked in the mirror, inspecting the quality of my skin and wondered whether I’d caused some of the damage I saw.

Certainly, I could drink more water, I hadn’t always worn sunscreen when I should and I did smoke for a while. Could some of the nonsense I’ve put on my skin over the years also be to blame?

Purple Mum

When Talitha came along, it was clear to me that I couldn’t blindly slather her in unknowns pulled off a supermarket shelf. I have, bit by bit, been trying to make educated choices about what I put on her baby skin.

I have occasionally grabbed something out of convenience but I mainly try to make sure that everything we use on her is organic or food-grade.

We use coconut oil for just about everything. It’s a brilliant nappy cream and moisturiser.

However, we do buy baby bath soaps, shampoos and sunscreen. And we’d hardly give friends having a baby a pot of coconut oil with a New Baby card.

So, I was really interested in learning about the Neal’s Yard ranges for mothers, babies and families.

Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bristol, invited a bunch of bloggers, some of us mums, to spend an evening with them talking all things organic.

Actually, our eco talk extended off-brand as we got into a conversation about how brilliant moon cups are. I haven’t shared a room with that many moon cup users since I was at Sussex University.

I will blog about moon cups at some point since one of the Neal’s Yard team was fascinated enough to remind me that not everybody has heard of them. I will blog about them if my period ever returns.

I hadn’t known that Neal’s Yard did products for babies or that they did makeup. My experience of Neal’s Yard has was limited to a gorgeous lavender hand lotion in my Christmas stocking when my mother-in-law (not yet my mother-in-law) treated me as part of the family by being my Santa Claus.

Knitty Mummy

My other point of contact was in June last year when I waddled into the Bristol shop, heavily pregnant and frustratingly overdue. I had an acupuncture session in their treatment rooms upstairs, in attempt to induce labour. It didn’t do the trick but it shifted the heavy weight on my lower back, making the last days of pregnancy far more bearable.

At the time, I remember thinking that all of their products seemed lovely but out of my price range. My thinking has changed a bit since then.

I now believe that many things we save our money on, we pay for in other ways. Making healthier choices may involve gradually shifting costs and finding our points of balance. Whatever we decide, I don’t think my daughter should be the one to pay.

Slummy Single Mummy enjoying a hand massage

What are your thoughts – does it matter whether our babies’ skin products are organic?

Neal’s Yard invited me to a bloggers’ night, gave me a hand massage and sent me away with a couple of samples from their new ranges. I’m always honest so do put forward your questions if you’re thinking about trying the new ranges or your opinions if you’ve already given them a go

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