Circus Queen Photoshoot

The blog’s being given a facelift with new images. Lots has been changing around here as I work out what I’m doing with this space. I want to produce hot writing and Circus Queen’s appearance needs to match it.

Also, we figured a photoshoot would be a bit of fun. So we hired the Watermill Studio on the outskirts of Bath. Laurence got behind the camera and I donned outfits by Fanny Adams Vintage Clothing and necklaces by Sarah Jarrett-Kerr.

Let me know what you think of the results.

circus queen adele jarrett-kerr
This picture was taken when the shoot was supposedly over and I was busy bundling Talitha up so we could head back to Bristol. She’s ignoring the shoot in favour of my hair.

circus queen adele jarrett-kerr
The dress featured in both photographs is a Fanny Adams original. Jane, the upcycling genius behind the small clothing brand, cleverly recycles vintage items to create pieces that are timelessly stylish. I felt expensive wearing this dress. I only wish I’d dressed Talitha up a bit more.

circus queen adele jarrett-kerr

circus queen adele jarrett-kerr

circus queen adele jarrett-kerr

The jacket in this image is another Fanny Adams creation. We felt it added a certain retro circus ringmaster feel to the set.

The photoshoot has helped me refocus where Circus Queen is going. A lot of my posts in the last few months have been about the struggles of new motherhood and the postnatal experience. Some of them have been deadly serious or even rather unhappy. I don’t regret that. I feel that honesty makes this space what it is.

It’s helpful, though, to be reminded that I started blogging because it was (and is) fun.

Images: Laurence Jarrett-Kerr

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