Stick some cloth on that bum

I don’t know when we decided to do cloth nappies or reusable nappies or real nappies or whatever you want to call them. Laurence probably prefers to call them “extra work”. When asked why we’re going down this route, his responses vary from “environmental reasons” to “we’re doing everything the hard way”.

I admire him for going with an arrangement he probably wouldn’t have considered if it weren’t for me – especially since so far he’s done the lion share of nappying, including that massive liquidy curry poo at 1am when he was bone tired. The idea is that I’ve got the boobs – so he can fold a few.

And he’s got an ongoing commentary about the efficiency of various types along the way. We’ve got pocket nappies which are as easy as putting disposables on – once you’ve put the absorbent bit in the pocket beforehand. There are also lots of muslins and terries which we’ve sensibly started folding beforehand and stacking with liners on them, ready for the grab, snap and cover. Over them go an array of covers, mostly from a Freecycler and so old we can’t tell what brand they are. And then there’s the Bambino Mio nappy.

Back when I first mentioned that we’d be sticking some cloth on that bum, Bambino Mio got in touch and asked if I’d like to try their nappies. They sent me an intro kit for newborns, complete with cloth nappies that fold so simply they’re intuitive, one very cute nappy cover, a load of liners and a bag of nappy cleanser.

I kept on putting off and putting off using all that because I felt I needed a time when I was calm, had my wits about me and was ready to give it a proper trial. By the time this magical hour arrives, Talitha will likely no longer be a newborn.

So, with Bambino Mio nappy in hand and crying child atop a chest of drawers, we got down to business. This time round I did the changing, Talitha did the complaining and the event went something like this:

Me: I should look at the instructions again.
He: It’s pretty self-explanatory. Just do it.
She: Waaaah!
Me: Ok, Talitha, let’s put your nappy on. Laurence, make sure not to photograph her bits. This is going on the internet.
He: I’m not. Just do it.
She: Waaah! Huck! Waaah! Huck! Waaah!
Me: Alright, I think it goes so, so, so, so. Done. Look how pretty it is!
She: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Huck! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Me: Ok, Talitha, you can have booby now.

And what d’ya know. It fits so perfectly. The little wing-things by the legs accommodate her inconvenient smallness. No leaks. So soft. So pretty. It’s certainly a hit with her daddy, the official nappy changer. And it’s probably not the way it’s supposed to be used but right now T’s wearing the cover with a muslin cloth because we mix and match generally, and it works.

This is not a paid post but Bambino Mio did send me a nappy starter kit to sample. Obviously, I’m not anything if not honest.

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  • We bought a pack of Bambino Mio nappies after trialling them on the blog and we love them. Very easy to use and honestly haven’t found making the switch from disposable any more work. I also get to feel all smug that we’re saving money AND the environment, therefore giving me a valid reason that we can afford that bottle of wine in the weekly shop…

    • To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of disposables. I did a couple in the hospital and that was it. Strange that I’m more comfortable with cloth! Yes, yes, yes to saving money. You’ve earned that bottle of wine in my opinion!

  • we love bambino nappies, they are fab and as molly says the money saved goes on wine!

    welcome to the alcoholic cloth nappies (breastfeeding!?!? – so we are sensible) mums x