Cybher Meet and Greet

Ever Caribbean with my timing, I figured I should finally get around to doing my Meet and Greet post for Cybher, the blogging conference I’m attending this Saturday. Actually, I’m still early by Trini standards because the conference hasn’t happened yet. It must be the British peer pressure.

Name : Adele Jarrett-Kerr

Blog : Circus Queen

Twitter ID : @AdeleJK

Height : 5’6″

Hair : Longish, very dark, curly and pretty wrecked since all my glowy pregnancy hormones started slipping away eleven months ago

Five things you should know about me…

1. I grew up in Trinidad and moved here seven years ago so have fresh migrant “issues”

2. I’m not a book, film or TV snob. In fact, for someone who holds an English Literature MA, I make truly appalling choices in the entertainment department

3. I am pretty disorganised and I’m not sure any creativity I possess makes up for this but I am trying to get better!

4. I write for a living. At the moment I’m mainly mothering and I’m still getting to grips with that fact.

5. I get extraordinarily passionate about things. For me it’s not enough to love something. I must sing its praises. This sometimes throws me off balance but I prefer seeing the world alive in colour.

If you’re also going to Cybher and you’ve left it to the last minute, join in the Meet and Greet.

[she/her] • writer • unschooler • team Soul Farm • Revillaging podcast • breastfeeding counsellor • Trinidadian in Cornwall

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