Date night in – the rules

Here follow the rules of the perfect date night in…

1. Someone cook. It’s more romantic that way. There’s a time for takeaway (usually when your fridge is empty and you’re too spent to string a sentence together, let alone make sense of what’s in your cupboards and freezer). However, there is also a time for getting your cook on. I’ve been working my way through The Great British Farmhouse Cookbook that Yeo Valley sent me. It’s full of beautiful photographs and recipes that seem both achievable and challenging. So, I decided to make Smoked bacon meatballs with pappardelle pasta (minus the pappardelle pasta because one of us decided to come to terms with his gluten intolerance). The meatballs and tomato sauce were possibly the tastiest thing I have ever cooked. Vegetarians, look away.

2. Don’t leave the kitchen a state. The sex appeal of a masterpiece in the diningroom is somewhat dimmed by a mess in the kitchen. I almost sound like my mother. Except I’m not sure that’s quite how she’d put it.

3. Set the scene. You may be drinking water, it may be but one course, but who says the occasion can’t call for wine glasses and candlelight?

4. Sort your face out. Change your top, add some lipstick, ditch your bedroom slippers, do whatever you need to do to feel like you’re actually on a date.

5. No lap land. Don’t tell yourself eating in front of the TV is dinner and a movie. Don’t do it!

6. Don’t just talk about the child. Self-explanatory.

7. The child must go to sleep easily and stay asleep through dinner. Doubly self-explanatory.

Over to you, any rules to add?

Just so you know: Yeo Valley sent me a copy of The Great British Farmhouse Cookbook. All my opinions are genuine. And some of you may also know that I’m a huge fan of theirs too.

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