Decorate a toddler’s room for 50 quid

We’re deep in the midst of our house move right now. In fact, I’m sat surrounded by boxes. We’ve moved through despair to the point where the end is in sight. The actual moving happens tomorrow but we took a chunk out of this weekend to get a very special room ready before moving.

Money Supermarket gave me £50 a few days ago with the challenge of improving a room on this budget as part of its Room for Improvement competition. I knew as soon as they explained the campaign that we wanted to fix up Talitha’s room.

In our current house, her room has been a spare room / storage room, which is fine because we’re still bedsharing but it means that she doesn’t really have anywhere for her things. She currently spends the first portion of the night, between 7pm and 11pm in her cot or alone in our bed. We thought we might as well move on up and get her a child’s bed.

So this is the room with the bed, before we decorated it.

And here it is, £50 and a few bits we already had later.

Here’s how we did it.

Rose bedding (IKEA): £10
Rose curtains (IKEA): £15
Blue solar-powered lighting chain (IKEA): £17
Pastel bunting (mini Boden): Saved by Grandmum
Cupcake quilt: Made by a friend
Rug: Made by Laurence when he was wee
Elephants: Gift from a friend when Talitha was born
Picture frame: Charity shop find by Nana
ETA – Animal lamp shade (Playfull Toyshop in Bristol, accidentally not pictured, picture to follow): £8

We made the whole thing a grand surprise for Talitha. She was downstairs playing with Laurence’s parents while we decorated. After lunch, we invited her up, making a fuss of this special surprise just for her. When she saw it, she lunged on to the bed, excitedly grabbing her bunny and crawling all over it. It took her a while to understand that this was her bed. She now truly gets it and is so excited!

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