Decorating a toddler’s room with butterflies

We’ve been doing so much to prepare for the baby recently, directly and indirectly, that it was nice to do something just for Talitha. Bit by bit, we’re decorating her bedroom. This weekend, we added some much needed wall stickers. She’s a bit butterfly obsessed so these Tinyme wall stickers were the natural choice for her.

tinyme stickers

I considered putting them up myself but the bedroom is practically a daddy-daughter project so I restrained myself and enjoyed snapping away while they had their fun, positioning and re-positioning. The stickers are fully removable, which was reassuring for Laurence since he was considering photoshopping it up first.

tinyme stickers 2

tinyme stickers 3

tinyme stickers 4

tinyme stickers 5

It’s really surprised me how well she’s adjusted to having her own room. In fact, the other night when she woke up, I failed to convince her to come back into the family bed (Laurence loves when I call it that, you can imagine!). She just told me point blank “No! Stay my bed!”

Decorate a toddler's room with tinyme wall stickers

Now that she has her butterflies and dragonflies, she loves the room even more. When I turn the light off, she checks that they’re still there and tells them good night.

Tinyme sent us these butterfly wall stickers for the purpose of this review.

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