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Jetlagged, Friday night found me playing with tupperware on the kitchen floor (with Talitha, I promise), procrastinating from childproofing the kitchen. Laurence came home to a powerful reminder that housekeeping isn’t why he married me. I stared at him for a moment, trying to work out why he’d come home from work early. Then it clicked, he wasn’t early.

I was late. I was supposed to be meeting Mum of One, Purple Mum, Medicated Follower of Fashion, Knitty Mummy, Mutterings of a Fool and Babberblog for pre-dinner drinks at 7 and abandoning them before the meal because too much fun in the sun out in Trinidad had left me skint. It was now 7. Darn it, I’d have to go to dinner. And find something decent to wear.

In the end, I’m really glad I went. A couple of hours out with some creative people, able to talk “blog” in comfort? Yes, please. Bristol’s Namaskar Lounge also proved a stylish venue with tasty food and noteably good service.

A rather grownup setting, we agreed. This time we managed to part ways at a very sensible hour, all of us sober and with only a passing mention of karaoke. I’d like to think it was the intellectual conversation. I’m slightly hoping we manage be a little less mature at our next meetup.

Namaskar Lounge was a bit pricey for me but worth it. Strongly cautioned not to spend, I made do with a mango lassi and a starter of spicy roasted roots which was flavoursome enough for me not to feel the need to inwardly chant all the things we’re saving for.

When my bank account is looking a bit healthier, I may go back and treat Laurence – to the curry, which looked exceptionally yummy, not the blog talk.

Someone go and tell a younger version of myself that I’d one day count getting home by 11ish a night out, but I really do – no tongue in cheek. A jolly good one. The 4am pizza-eating version of me would probably laugh and want to know what I’m doing hanging out with people I met on the Internet.

Disclosure: Namaskar Lounge gave us a group discount for the meal.

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