What I wore: Dots

Yesterday I finally wore one of the first truly new items of clothing I’d bought in a long time, as in, years. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve bought even second hand clothes in the last few years too. The result is that many things in my wardrobe either don’t fit, don’t reflect my personal style or are worn out beyond hope of repair! Nice.

I feel like I had a real release from the tyranny of appearance, for lack of a better way to put it, when Talitha was born. I didn’t worry so much about what I wore and I even went through a phase of not wearing makeup – a very big deal for me. Now I feel like I can enjoy clothes without being ruled by them.

So, this month, I had fun adding a few new pieces to my wardrobe. This is one that Laurence bought.


The dress is from Howies. I wouldn’t normally go for this colour but I actually really like it. The simplicity of the design is new to me too and I’ve never worn a dress with pockets before.

The brogues are from Clarks (similar here). I bought them with birthday money from my parents last year (yeah, I don’t often buy shoes either…).

The scarf is from Accessorize, a recent gift from a university friend who recently stayed with us. She always comes bearing lovely gifts. It was a really windy day yesterday and I forgot to take a cardigan so needed something to keep warm!

The wood bracelet was a charity shop find.

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