Eight baby nice-to-haves we’ve enjoyed this time around

I almost called this list “eight baby essentials” but changed it because I don’t believe there are any essentials. Other than a sling. I don’t know how I’d do the baby thing without a sling. But then not everyone gets on with them. At any rate, many (all?) of the things on this list are definitely not essentials but they’ve all made this third time round that little bit sweeter.

1. Babywearing weather cover
A babywearing accessory I could have done with the last couple of times us a babywearing weather cover. With Talitha, I wore Laurence’s oversized snowboarding jacket and felt anything but glamorous. This time I decided to just get it over with and buy a Mam Babywearing weather cover (pictured above) so I’d not have to worry about the cold and rain but could still wear my own coat.

2. Moveable baby station
How did I only just get a handle on this with baby number three? With Talitha, I had a baby station upstairs in the nursery she never slept in. With Ophelia, I changed her everywhere and never knew where anything was.

This time, I have a Sunjellies basket that I put all the changing bits in (I have a few changing mats), plus my water bottle, phone and a pen and notebook for jotting stuff down because, let’s face it, my memory is totally shot by now. The basket was especially useful in the newborn period when I needed to limit how often I went up and down the stairs for the sake of recovery.

I also have everything I need for changing set up in the drawer of my bedside table so I don’t need to get out of bed should a change be needed in the middle of the night, which it constantly did in the newborn days with babies two and three. Oh, and I have two nappy buckets, one upstairs and one downstairs so I can quickly chuck dirty nappies in to await laundry day.


3. Pabobo night light
Speaking of not getting out of bed, I like having a night light when I’m bedsharing with a baby. It’s reassuring to be able to effortlessly check on them periodically. It also means I don’t have to turn on a harsh bedside lamp and fully wake us both up. Pabobo sent me their automatic night light to try out and it’s proved just the thing this time. It’s gentle, pink light doesn’t keep any of us up and it turns itself off when the sun rises. Its sleek design means it doesn’t feel too “kiddy” in our bedroom either.

4. Water bottle
Thirst during breastfeeding caught me completely off guard with Talitha. Who knew it could be so sudden and intense? This time, I bought a pretty blue stainless steel water bottle from Klean Kanteen so I’d always have some within easy reach and ready for one-handed drinking.


5. Cuddledry baby towel
The concept behind this towel is so simple yet something of a stroke of genius. I’d heard of them before but Cuddledry recently sent me one to try. Basically, it’s a super soft towel that buttons around your neck so it hangs like an apron. Then it has a baby hood in one of the hanging corners. As someone who needs to really concentrate not to get sopping wet extracting a baby from a bath, this is a fantastic innovation. This is their unisex grey stars design featuring a subtle star trim. It’s stylish and practical.


6. Padraigs
I longed for a pair of padraig slippers since Talitha was a baby but I just could not justify the price. This time we’re in a better financial position so I decided to just go for it. They keep Delilah’s feet toasty, especially when we’re out with the sling and I smile whenever I see them. Now, if only I could have bought them for baby number one and got three babies to wear it for my money’s worth?!

7. Washable wipes
On a pretty different note, I’ve discovered washable wipes this time and I’m never going back. I used cut up bits of terry toweling last time but they got pretty ragged after a while. This time I invested in Cheeky Wipes and they are such a pleasure to use. They’re so much more effective than cotton wool and masses better for the environment too. You do need a lot of them for the newborn phase but we use them for hands and faces too so it’s been worth our having a lot.

8. Sophie la giraffe cosmetics
And as we’re talking about baby care, I’ve enjoyed trying out Sophie la giraffe’s organic cosmetic range. The hair and body wash even has a natural detangler. The body lotion doesn’t set Delilah’s eczema off but I haven’t dared try the wash on her, and just water does the trick anyway. The older girls and I have used both though and we love them. They smell light and fresh and really do the job. We’re Sophie fans in this house and have had a giraffe for each baby (had to keep replacing and we kept losing it!) so it’s been fun trying out these products they’ve sent us.

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  • Lovely ideas. I’ve got a 10 week old (number 2) and have considered buying some of these but worried it was a waste of money especially the babywearing cover and padraigs. Where did you buy your padraigs?

    • I wish I’d just gone ahead and bought the cover the first time around time to be honest! So much easier than faffing with all sorts. Bought them when Born was closing down but I’ve seen them on ebay and a few indie sites.

  • Loads of good ideas, I completely agree re. the night light. Mine was a present, it had never occurred to me to get one and it made such a difference at night, enough to see without additional light. I remember a friend telling me how she would go down to the kitchen at night to put nappies in the bin. Which I thought was bonkers. Bucket with a lid in the bedroom. Love the idea of washable wipes – simple but perfect.