The kindness of strangers – Connecting online with Lucy AitkenRead

“I’ve begun to understand that when you’re making radical decisions with your life…it’s so countercultural that in order to, I guess, do it in a really sustainable way, you need to bring in as much support, as much cheerleading, as much intention in your own heart as you possibly can.” – Lucy AitkenRead

Lucy AitkenRead is an unschooling thought leader, living in New Zealand. Through her online community Disco Circle, she offers unschooling support for parents looking for more information and connection around the radical decision to protect their children’s freedom in education.

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In this episode Lucy AitkenRead and I talk about:

The need for support in radical living
The kindness of strangers on the internet
The validity of internet support
Connecting with people through rage
The risks involved in taking conversations online
Talking and listening as a way of learning to trust ourselves
Embodied online practices – leaning into the body as guide

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“We do not have to raise kids in this ‘power over’ way. We do not have to have institutions where they learn how to control and be controlled, how to judge and be judged. You don’t have to. There is another way.” Lucy AitkenRead

Important links:

Disco Circle
Lucy’s YouTube
Lucy’s Instagram
Adele Jarrett-Kerr’s Patreon (for journal prompts and access to the virtual fireside chat on Sunday 29th May at 7pm BST, and to support the podcast)

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