Revillaging episode 6: Feel together, think separately

“One of the things of the hidden curriculum of schooling is to teach people not to be ecological because it divides the world into subjects. It divides people into a hierarchy through testing processes which demean the people who are ‘failures’. And that encourages an unecological way of thinking because it encourages a mindset that is self-centred and individualistic. And, therefore, people feel that they can destroy the planet because, ‘So what? I just take what I want, y’know? And who cares about everybody else?’”

– Dr Ian Cunningham, Revillaging, episode 6


In the latest episode of Revillaging, I chat with Dr Ian Cunningham, author of the newly published Self Managed Learning and the New Educational Paradigm and founder of Self Managed Learning College in Brighton, an alternative education setting for young people aged 9-17.

We talk about:

  • The big impact the education system is having on our sense of community, what the world looks and our personal wellbeing
  • What a non-hierarchical community of 9-17-year-old learners looks like
  • What a seismic shift in education could mean not only for the young but for all of us


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Important links from the episode:

Ian Cunningham’s book, Self Managed Learning and the New Educational Paradigm

Self Managed Learning College

A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School

The real story of six Tongan boys stranded on an island

Adam Sandel’s The Tyranny of Merit

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Featured image: Teenagers sitting facing the sea at sunset – Unsplash photo by Noorulabdeen Ahmad
Music in podcast: Ophelia by Les Haydn

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