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We’ve been getting to know the new Sprout by HP for the last few weeks. It’s a desktop PC which comes with a mat that acts as a second touch screen and, using the scanner above the conventional screen, allows you to capture objects in 3D.

Sprout by HP’s main focus is capturing, creating and editing photos and video, allowing you to simply move objects around, cut around them and generally bring the physical and digital together.

HP Sprout

As a blogger, I have to try my hand at a lot of design that doesn’t necessarily come naturally to me. Sprout has the potential to simplify so much of that. I’d love to see what professional designers like the one I’m married to make of it once Photoshop launches a Spout version, which apparently is in the works.

HP Sprout-3

Even if design doesn’t come into your work, though, creativity is a part of all of our lives. From Christmas cards to promotional posters, stop motion animations to 3D printing, I’m sure most families could find a lot of use for Sprout by HP. In my introductory tutorial, I was shown a tiny 3D printed shoe which had been taken from a 3D scan of a baby’s first shoe. It was a touching demonstration of what Sprout by HP could offer.

As a home educator, my main interest in testing this computer was to see what my kids and I might be able to do with it together. From this perspective, there are so many possibilities.

christmas fun

Something which intrigued me from the outset was that though I struggled a little bit to get to grips with how it all worked (I haven’t used a PC in a long time), 4.5-year-old Talitha found it no trouble at all. She’d sat with me in the tutorial and clearly absorbed it all but I think her uncluttered mind finds it pretty intuitive to operate too.

On their own, both girls have been having fun playing Crayola Draw and Sing which plays music as they colour, allowing them to choose different images, tools, tunes and musical instruments. Crayola DJ has been another favourite. They’ve had fun using it to mix sound effects with backing tracks.

Together, we’ve been bringing together images and objects and they’ve had a lot of fun manipulating them and moving them around. We’ve talked a lot about how animation works and she even had a go with drawing a cartoon we’ve titled: “Four-year-old doom and destruction”. It would have worked more smoothly if she’d scanned it a stroke at a time but I don’t think she has the patience for that just yet.

Talitha especially loved making a stop motion animation with our nesting dolls, which I’ll blog about in a separate post.

For more on what Sprout by HP offers, check out Sprout by HP presents “Jane”:

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  1. December 15, 2015 / 2:53 pm

    Oh this looks so cool! I’ve had macs ever since 2007 but I’ll definitely go and give one of these a try in store.

  2. December 21, 2015 / 12:24 pm

    This is such a clever idea! We loved watching your stop motion video the other day (several times) xx

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