“F” is for Fairy – a Bostik craft

Each month Bostik sends us a box of crafty goodies for us to put together a craft with. This month I wanted to do something symbolic of the garden coming to life and fairies seemed to hit that note.

So, I thought we’d make a fairy picture frame. Since we’re putting together an alphabet for Talitha’s room (started before she was born!), we’ve framed an “F” for fairy.

Blu Tack Blu Stick and Foam Pads

The Bostik products included this month were medium foam pads and blu stick. I found these foam pads worked better than the smaller size we received a couple of months ago because Talitha can handle them herself so was able to put together the fairy with little help from me (though I admittedly did suggest where things could go with the first one).

She had a great time using the blu stick to attach the crumpled tissue paper to make the “F” and to attach the “F” card to the frame. The stick paints on blue then the glue goes clear, which she was intrigued by.

Bostik fairy craft

The fairies we made with foam triangle bodies, bug stick-on, sequin heads, feather wings, all assembled on small lolly sticks with the foam pads. The frame’s made with average-sized lolly sticks as you can see.

F is for fairy - Bostik craft

A simple craft for a Spring-nearly-Summer afternoon – just what we need at the moment (crafts with a baby around – not so easy it turns out!). You been up to anything crafty?


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