The Community Farm, Chew Valley

OK, so not really farming, but Talitha and I had great fun a few weeks ago going along to an early years cookery class at The Community Farm in the Chew Valley between Bristol and Bath.


The fact that we’d chosen possibly the wettest day of the year to go didn’t wreck our time at all. Rather, it reminded me of how important it is that we continue to get outdoors in all sorts of weather.


We went along with Jess and Cherry from Along Came Cherry – a treat in itself. I love that learning to drive has given us the freedom to go to places like this and to see friends who live a fair distance away.


The kids walked around, learning about the plants, spotting slugs who were loving the rain and picking some bits for the stir fry and snacks they were going to make later.


The cookery bit happened undercover in a gorgeous yurt dedicated to educational purposes. They munched on a few bits before the cooking began. The experience encouraged Talitha to try cucumber for the first time and admit that she likes it!


The kids all got to be as hands-on with the cooking as they wanted, with the help of surprisingly effective plastic knives.


This didn’t mean my child would eat the stir fry, mind, but she tried it and I think it’s a definite step in the right direction getting her outdoors and letting her get involved in a meal from start to finish.


This is what I’ve been doing with our vegetable garden too but I’m sure the atmosphere of being on a big, beautiful farm like this one and hanging out with other kids is a tad more effective. It solidified to me not just that she needs to be outdoors but that she needs to connect with growing things.

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