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I mentioned in my last post that Laurence and I have been a bit stressed this week and, as usual, our money situation has factored in that.

I find thinking and talking about money a struggle because it’s so abstract. I actually just find it a bit boring. Which is ridiculous and childish. When talking about a budget or ways to improve your credit score, I find it easier to knuckle down and work things out if I visualise what looking after money means to my real life.

I could say until I’m blue in the face that I want to be debt-free but I’m actually a lot more motivated by the idea that by putting steps in place to sort out my finances, I’m moving away from anxiety. That’s probably why I find blogs like Man vs Debt that make the emotional connection with money in an effective way really interesting.

And while I’m concerned about the future, I find it easier to restrict spending if I think about what being in control financially could mean to our present life. We could spend more time together as a family. Laurence could potentially work less and I work more. We could give more to others with a bit more freedom. We could think about going traveling, maybe WWOOFing.

We’re at that point again where we need to sit down and getting some practical bits sorted in terms of canceling some things, changing providers and that kind of thing. But I’m so aware that for me to properly participate in that, we need to start with re-envisioning and taking the time to see the big picture, to figure out, once again, why we want to work harder in this area.

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