First trip to the Circus

Ho, ho! We actually went to the circus. It’s not just a play on a confusing blog name. Last Friday, Laurence took the day off work and decided to whisk us away to see Billy Smart’s Circus on the Downs in Bristol. A day home with me usually entails doing puzzles and watering the plants. I think he’s trying to show me up.

At the circus

Truth be told, I probably got more out of it than two-year-old Talitha did. I always love the circus anyway but I’ve also reached the stage in my life where I get really nostalgic about them too. They conjure up lots of happy childhood memories.

So while we absolutely loved it because it was BRILLIANT, Talitha, well, she was just tired. It was a napless day and she generally likes being in bed by 5.30 these days (let’s not talk about wake up time). She asked to go home a few times and recoiled from the mass of candy floss we’d bought like it was going to eat her (no bad thing – more for us and less sugar for her!).

Fire act at Billy Smarts Circus

Even so, she definitely lit up for various acts and got well into the clapping. When we left, she told us that she loved the music.

Her favourite act was a funny, clumsy fireman who spent most of the time swinging around and around on a suspended ladder trying to put a fire out. I think the fire was what caught her eye.

clapping at the circus

The thing is, we reflected as we left, that it’s probably not that impressive to her – even though it really was impressive. As adults, we’re all too aware of our own limits. So when we see a man carrying four other people stacked shoulder upon shoulder, a woman shoot an arrow with her feet while balancing on her hands or the swinging trapeze, we gasp with glee.

A small child doesn’t have the information gained from experience to know how difficult that is. It may be that, as far as she’s concerned, she’s limitless. If so, that’s probably something to hold on to.

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  • Oh I loved going to the circus when I was younger. When entering the circus tent it was like diving straight into this magical world. I hadn’t thought of taking Amy before, because she’s quite impatient, but I can’t wait to share this experience with her now. Really lovely post x
    Carolin recently posted..Jewel Candle Review

    • Thank you, hon. I’m always really uncertain about taking Talitha to stuff like this but she surprises me every time. Last Christmas I was invited to Bristol Old Vic for a children’s play and was fairly certain we’d have to leave half-way through but even at 18 months she loved it!

  • We took Angelo to the Circus last summer. We were worried that he’d be restless… he was eventually but not as soon as we thought. He liked the music and the acrobatics best.

    Sometimes we love something and we think that our kids will too, then they surprise us by having a different opinion. I’m still trying to get Angelo to fall in love with Care Bears try as I might he’s still asking to see ‘the scary one’ not sure what he means but I’m not letting him see anything scary or it will be hell to pay at night time.
    MsXpat recently posted..Chad Valley Imagination: a world of endless play

  • I think my 2 would like the circus but I’m always apprehensive as to whether the ones coming round are a bit crap. Having said that Matilda gets scared by pretty much every childrens movie so might get a bit freaked out.
    The Fool recently posted..Review: Hampergifts