Guest post: Summer holidays – relaxed tea times mean quick and easy is a must

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Day to day, getting dinner on the table has been one of my greatest challenges with two. Sometimes being able to just stick something in the microwave one-handed is a saviour, while I balance a fussy four-month-hold on a hip. With this in mind, I’m welcoming the tips in this guest post:

It’s that time of year again when parents everywhere are preparing to have the kids at home for 6 weeks over the summer.

With the kids off school and long summer evenings keeping us in the sunlight for longer, tea might get served up a little later than usual – so how do you find a quick and nutritious tea that can be cooked in a jiffy?

Nutritious potatoes

Potatoes are available everywhere, from the farm shop to supermarket; buy in bulk or in small packs of new potatoes. They count as one of the five a day, so we can feel fine giving them to toddlers. It’s an easy win isn’t it?

Tired little ones

Perhaps you have a menu planner, but sometimes just when the kids are getting restless and hungry you’re thinking what’s for tea? McCain ready-made jacket potatoes from the microwave can cut the prep time down even further because the cooking is already done for you.

Team the potato with some yummy filings which will stimulate the taste buds and tea’s done and dusted for another night! It keeps us calm and mindful to know that a simple carbohydrate with a tasty filing has hit the spot and you can always serve the jacket spuds as a lunchtime treat too if you and your little ones are growing tired of sandwiches!

Quick fire recipes

If you’re not sure what to serve with your jacket spud then many supermarkets and magazines offer jacket potato filling suggestions to help you on your way. Here are a few common favourites:

Cheesy Beans: a classic combo, all you need is a little grated cheese and a tin of everyone’s favourite baked beans. It might be a little messy but it’ll hit the spot. You can always use spaghetti hoops or alphabet letters instead of beans too

Chives and sour cream: a healthier option, just pop a handful of chives into some soured cream then dollop on top of a McCain ready baked jacket for something filling and tasty.

Holiday hot dog potatoes: a variation on the classic hot dog, this makes a really substantial supper and all you need to do is combine sausages with a sweet honey glaze and a little mayonnaise. You can find the full recipe here and even get your kids involved with the cooking!

Garlic mushroom jacket potatoes: as many families are opting for meat-free meals as a way to stay health-conscious, this subtly flavoured garlic mushroom filing is a perfect sister to a jacket potato. It takes just minutes to pan fry some chestnut mushrooms in butter and add in a little garlic but you can also throw in a handful of chopped lardons for extra flavour if you want.

These are just a few ideas of amazing dishes you can make for kids but why not experiment with others? Little Dish has compiled a list of great recipes too so you can find plenty of inspiration to feed your own cooking exploits!

This is a collaboration post

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  1. July 10, 2014 / 11:21 am

    Yum, there’s nothing quite like a jacket potato. Love the idea of garlic mushrooms as a topping!

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