Having a snack with the Gruffalo

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I’m really aware that we’ve been rushing about a lot lately, despite our best intentions. With two road trips in two weekends, recently we really needed to put some thought into slowing down and creating opportunities to quietly connect, preferably outdoors where nature absorbs any excess.

Weekend before last we were up in Bristol all doing things separately: a friend’s hen party, a farming workshop and recording another episode of my launching soon podcast. So it made sense to replace a service station stop or bombing down the motorway in one go with a family walk somewhere.

It worked out brilliantly because Organix had invited us to take their tasty Gruffalo biscuits on a Gruffalo picnic to our nearest Forestry England woodland, Haldon Forest Exeter that has a Gruffalo sculpture. Phew, that’s a whole lot of Gruffalo. It turned out to be a brilliant place to break up the journey as it’s literally about half way between Bristol and Cornwall. We’ll definitely be back with bikes next time.

I couldn’t believe how excited my three year old was to spot the Gruffalo but then with a book so well-loved, I shouldn’t really have been surprised. She pointed out the poisonous wart at the end of his nose, his black tongue and wanted to check all the purple prickles on his back. And it certainly added to the magic of their meeting, sitting with a Gruffalo snack.

She was especially delighted that the biscuits came in Gruffalo and mouse shapes and called them “chocolatey” – a definite hit and fuel for her sense of wonder. I reckon if this weren’t just a pit stop, we could have gone all out and brought our Gruffalo books and made some other Gruffalo themed snacks to go with it.

For my part, I appreciated having a simple organic snack we could slip in the bag and crack out as needed. They’re not particularly sweet, with no added salt or artificial colours or flavours, in keeping with Organix’s No Junk Promise, which in my opinion all lead to fewer grumps on the road or anytime between meals, really.

We’ve since cut out pictures from the packaging for some Gruffalo collaging too. We’re on a journey to use less packaging but I do sometimes opt for something convenient and I appreciate that one of Organix’s claims is working towards sustainability. There are so many things you could grab in a hurry that are full of junk so I’m glad this is on the shelves as a healthier option with the added bonus of sparking a small child’s sense of wonder. You’ll find them in Sainsburys and online at Ocado.

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