Hearts for Halloween – Lanterns of Hope for Those Living in Fear

Ignore the fact that these are possibly the wonkiest hearts you’ve ever seen. I am so pleased with myself for managing to carve a pumpkin, start to finish, on my own. I didn’t even grow up with Autumn or Halloween, friends. And getting bread sliced straight is an ongoing challenge. This is art.

world vision hearts for halloween

Last year I mentioned being a bit conflicted over Halloween. I’m not really there anymore. I can wholeheartedly say that we do not celebrate the true festival that Halloween is. We also do not embrace the scary side, even in fun. We do believe there are darker spiritual forces alive in the world and that they don’t deserve any glory from our attention.

hearts for halloween

However, I can also wholeheartedly say that I think it’s a lovely time to stop and look at what the world does in Autumn. Everything begins to die in preparation for new life, a new start for us all. There’s also a bit of community spirit in people giving sweets to neighbourhood children, so we’ve bought some for trick-or-treaters, just as we did last year. In truth, I don’t think most people are truly celebrating anything anyway.

Tomorrow evening, we’ll be going to a light party at a local church with some friends. The theme is superheroes but Talitha doesn’t know what those are so, instead, she’s going as a fairy.

carve hearts into pumpkins for world vision

We will also be lighting our pumpkins, hearts carved into them in answer to World Vision’s call to make this a night of hope for children around the world living in fear.

The bonus, as Molly from Mother’s Always Right points out, is that hearts are MUCH easier to carve than faces!

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