HeyWorkout – live group webcam fitness classes for mothers

I used to say that I would like to take an exercise class but I didn’t have the motivation to go out after looking after a baby/toddler all day. Then I got pregnant again and felt so tired, I added that to the hurdles in my way. I’d also say I’d take an exercise class if I could drive. Then I got my license. But by then I also had the second baby. And it started to look like I’d never run out of excuses.

The thing is I know how important it is to exercise, physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m utterly convinced. It frustrates me that my conviction hasn’t led to action. I walk lots, carrying a heavy toddler most of the time, but there’s nothing like 30 minutes straight, getting your heart rate up and working specific muscles.

I know that part of that is needing a regular class to get and keep me going. The plan is to eventually find something I love doing outdoors but for now I need the commitment and sociability of working out at a regular time with other people. I also need to have someone I can reach out to if I have questions about what I’m trying to do.

So, I was intrigued to hear about HeyWorkout when they offered me a chance to try out their service. It’s a subscription program which gives access to live group webcam fitness classes specific to mothers’ bodies. All of the instructors are either mothers themselves or are experienced in working with mothers.

How it works is that you click on the class you’d like to attend and enable your webcam (you don’t have to if you don’t want to). Your instructor can see you and chat with you; others in the class can’t. It’s like being in a class, perhaps without the atmosphere and being in a minimalist studio but also without the extra step of having to get on the bus or into your car and going somewhere.

So far I’ve done the Vinyasa Flow Yoga class (Legs, bums and tums, full body workout and stretch are also available). It was a gentle but thorough workout. I was surprised by how much it challenged me, which is exactly what I needed. I haven’t had my webcam on, though I definitely see the benefit of doing so and will at my next class. I’ve actually got a lot out of hearing the instructor give others feedback.

The class was engaging, easy to follow and the instructor friendly and helpful. The program is extremely simple to use. On the whole, it’s perfect for someone like me, not just because I can be a bit of a homebody these days but because Laurence is sometimes away for work or back late. Using Mummy Workouts means that I don’t have to cancel my class last minute or face a month of having to sort babysitters.

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