How my spending has changed

TSB asked me how I’d spend an extra £100 and I’ve found it surprisingly hard to answer that question. I was inspired by Eleanor from The Bristol Parent’s response. She’d donate the money to a food bank. Check out her post to learn about food banks in Bristol. I kind of wish I’d written that first!

Instead, thinking about this question has taken me down the route of noticing how my spending has changed. Ten years ago, an extra £100 would have meant books, dinner, theatre tickets, maybe shoes and makeup (clothes have almost always been a charity shop deal for me).

Now, anything extra I’m presented with, I automatically start thinking about things for the girls. Do they need new shoes? Could that pay for a birthday party?

If I did want to spend it on personal interests, I’m more likely to consider putting it towards something like chicken keeping (this will happen this year!), kitchen equipment or a sewing machine. Productive things. Interests I’d never have expected to take up a decade ago.

But, actually, the biggest way my spending has changed is that I now value the importance of giving. This isn’t something that has come easily to me. I’m more than happy to give my time but I am not naturally generous with my money. I’m a lot more likely to fail to plan, spend unwisely and then feel like I can’t afford to give. I’ve struggled more with it than I’m happy to admit.

This is something that has really improved with Laurence and I having a joined account. He’s always been convicted that no matter what the state of our finances, we need to prioritise giving – to others, to charities and through our church. Over the years, it’s becoming more natural to re-organise the way I see money (though I’m still glad one of us is strong on this issue).

The TSB Plus Account has just turned one year old and the maximum interest you can earn it in a year is £100 AER (5% AER on up to £2000). As part of the campaign celebrating its birthday, TSB have produced this infographic about things that get better over time.


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