How to Henna Your Pregnant Bump

I mentioned last week in my Ten Lessons for a Positive Pregnancy post that having Laurence henna my bump has been a powerful way of celebrating this pregnancy, especially since we don’t expect to have any more children. I enjoyed having full wedding mehndi on my hands and forearms 4.5 years ago so why not remember my likely last bump this way?

Since we’re really skint at the moment and it’s really hard to find anyone who’ll henna bumps professionally, Laurence agreed to have a go when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I thought we’d share the DIY with you in case you ever wanted to give it a go.

How to henna your pregnant bump 2

We started off by buying three cones of henna. As it turned out, we only needed 1.5. Once you’ve opened them, they need to be stored in the fridge.

How to henna your pregnant bump 3

To get into the flow, Laurence started off by looking at lots of designs on Google images and trying some pencil drawings. He also practised on some mates at work to get a good feel for drawing with the fiddly medium of henna. You’ll notice that there’s a lot of circular going on in most designs, which is great for accentuating a pregnant bump.

How to henna your pregnant bump 5

When it was time to get down to business, he kept the iPad to hand so he could look at some inspirations then just got on with it – starting from the belly button and working outwards, stepping back every now and then for a look. The experience was significantly less stressful once my brother took his niece off our hands for a bit. You can’t erase mistakes, so you pretty much have to run with whatever happens.

How to henna your pregnant bump

Laurence found that it’s easier to do the top of the bump than the bottom as gravity pulls the henna away. So it also follows that stroke lines are hard but dots are easy. To steady himself, he used his left wrist to support the wrist of the drawing hand. It was best to go faster once he got into the swing of it and if he drew a line that got wobbly, adding some loops on top and flourishing it saved it. Any gaps were filled with filigree.

How to henna your pregnant bump 6

You can paste on a lemon solution and wrap with clingfilm for a deeper dye but I didn’t bother and it stayed as long as the professional mehndi I had for my wedding did, ie it started to fade after a week (pictured). So, it’s worth taking pics while the paste is still on as that’s when it’s at its most impressive, really.

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