How to organise a cloth nappy changing station

Choosing reusable nappies over disposables can be daunting when you’re trying to work out what exactly happens in the changing process.

As it’s Real Nappy Week thought I’d make a video to answer the questions I’d been getting about how exactly we do cloth nappies. I’m also taking this opportunity to big up my sponsor for the BritMums Live! blogging conference in June, reusable nappy brand Bambino Mio.

The surface
We start with a chest of drawers as our nappy changing surface to protect our backs. Of course you can change a baby anywhere. I like having everything in one place and found that kneeling beside the bed was scuffing up my knees while sitting on it was uncomfortable. When I change her on the floor, no matter how firmly I hold her, she just crawls away. I wouldn’t bother with a changing station though. Why buy a piece of furniture you’ll have no use for later?

Top drawer
In our top drawer we keep boosters (for extra absorption overnight), nappy liners, nappy covers, all-in-one nappies, cotton wool, cloth wipes and disposable wipes (for when in a hurry).

Second drawer
Terry squares, folded into shape and ready to go.

Hanging beside the changing station
Coconut oil (as nappy rash cream), nappy nippers (for fastening terries), a few toys and a mobile overhead (for distraction). We also keep bits and bobs like nail scissors, baby brush and baby oil here. I suppose it would be a good place to keep breast pads too.

Cupboard next to changing station
I didn’t mention it in the video but I keep muslin cloths and extra terry squares in the cupboard next to the changing station. They’re useful when you’ve underestimated the explosion or simply as a stand-in for cloth wipes.

Beside the changing station
We keep two covered buckets. One is a bin for yucky disposable things and the other contains used nappies. I tend to put my changing bowl on top one of them after I’ve filled it with water.

I think that’s everything but hit me with any questions. If you’re also a cloth nappy user, what’s your routine? How have you got it all organised?
Bambino Mio sent me a changing bowl for use in this video.
Special thanks to Liam Camps for filming and editing the video.

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