If you go down to the woods today…

Walking through the woods with Talitha, my thoughts often drift off into the foliage. I wander at the distinctive beauty of this country I’m adopting.

I am struck by the wild, matchless wealth with which these simple experiences frame her childhood. In real terms, these trees are her history, her heritage and her birthright. They are worth protecting.

Two weeks ago she and I visited Yeo Valley to spend a day with The Woodland Trust. First trimester exhaustion meant the experience took far more out of me than it should have but I was just glad to get Talitha outdoors for a bit.

She’s had to spend too much time at home recently. So a day of romping through the woods and making sure to get every puddle on the way was just what we both needed – topped with gorgeous Yeo Valley food, of course.

The Woodland Trust is a charity that’s been hard at work to protect woodlands and reforest Britain over the past four decades. Yeo Valley is partnering with them this summer to plant 10,000 trees across the UK. With codes under the lids of their special yogurt packs, you could win a tree to plant in your garden or to donate to The Woodland Trust.

The day involved trying activities from The Woodland Trust’s nature detectives, a programme aimed at inspiring children to get out into nature. Bugs were hunted and leaves collected. Not by us, mind. But in time, when her attention span has grown we’ll give this stuff a good go, I’m sure.

For us, the day’s highlights were…

Making a wand,

Finding a “baby snail”,

Scrumptious lunch,

Mum2BabyInsomniac “with a baby on the front”,

And Yeo Valley ice cream!

PS: A couple of the images star Tigerlilly Quinn‘s son – he’s ridiculously photogenic!

PPS: Yeo Valley invited us along to a bloggers day with The Woodland Trust. Talitha was given nature detectives membership and we left with a goodie bag full of yogurt.

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