Introducing the Baby Led Weaning Carnival

The health visitor came for a routine visit. I agonised beforehand about certain choices we’d made that we’re bound to be contentious, especially bed sharing and baby led weaning.

Maybe she’d surprise me but I made up my mind to be suitably vague. I just didn’t want to get into it, you know?

I keep thinking now that I should have.

HV: How many times a day does she feed?
Me: Oh, it varies.
HV: She should be eating more solids by now and demanding less of you.
Me: Mmhmm.

Really, though, why didn’t I say what I was thinking – that actually it’s perfectly fine that Talitha still breastfeeds at least six times a day?

That’s her main source of nutrition for the first year. It’s more nutrient and calorie dense than any other food I can give her. When she’s ready to eat enough to displace milk feeds, she will.

This is yet another reason I love baby led weaning. It ensures that she does what she’s going to do on her own unique schedule.

That said, she really does eat. Even now, it’s exciting seeing her do it. Her dexterity has improved massively and she usually will eat all sorts of things from cereal to squid.

I seriously lack inspiration as to what to feed her, though. Left on my own, I’d eat toast all day long but I want her diet to have more variety than that.

So that’s part of why I’ve decided to hold a bi-weekly Baby Led Weaning carnival*, to gather inspiration. The other is to gather real-life stories of BLW families. Hopefully this will be both an ongoing resource and celebration.

If you blog, send me links to your Baby Led Weaning posts, old and new. Even if you didn’t do BLW but you’ve got recipes that would suit, frisbee those over. My address is Alternatively you can leave your link in the comments.

If you’re not a blogger but would like to share photos of your babies feeding themselves or thoughts on/experiences with Baby Led Weaning, you can email me those too and I’ll include what I can.

This will be a regular feature. Whatever I can’t include this time round I’ll use in a future week. The first carnival will go live on May 7th. Please send me your links, etc by May 4th.

Hopefully this will just be a good bit of fun and useful, especially for anyone taking this approach to introducing solids.

* Baby Led Weaning involves allowing babies to feed themselves from the start and to have control over both how much (or little) they’re going to eat and what they’ll eat. It’s often seen as a natural extension of breastfeeding but formula fed babies can do it too.
** A carnival is a post featuring other posts, usually themed in some way.

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