What I wore: Japanese print

I’ve been experimenting with taking photographs of myself. Great Plains sent me this Yoko Flower Print top and I knew Laurence wasn’t going to have time to take a picture of me in it. Ophelia and I aren’t usually up when he’s leaving for work and the weekends have been so busy.

So, mind over matter, I read Delightfully Tacky’s Tips for taking your own outfit photos and though mine aren’t nearly as good as hers, I don’t think they’re totally awful for a first try.

japanese print-5

Yes, that is our garden. Yes, that fence needs fixing!

It’s so liberating starting to figure out how to get myself in focus. I’m hoping this means I can show you more slings and carries with some babywearing photos. Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky suggests autofocusing on an object where you’re going to pose then switching to manual.

Laurence made the point to me afterwards that this is hard to get right unless the object is by your eyes and that actually I had room for error because I shot with a high depth of field. His tip was to stand where you’re going to pose, autofocus on the tripod then switch to manual, put the camera back on the tripod and take the shot.

The top is comfy and casual but also feels really elegant. It was almost a shame to break up the print with the belt but I couldn’t resist cinching it in. I love the belt too. It was a gift from my mother-in-law a few years ago.

Top: Yoko Flower print top (Great Plains)
Trousers: Embroidered cropped trousers (Dorothy Perkins from years back)
Shoes: Brogues (Clarks)
Earrings & Belt: Both handmade but I can’t the artists’ names

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