Why I’m writing for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt

It’s Breastfeeding Awareness Week later this month and I’ve been wondering how I’d feel about that if I had stopped breastfeeding like I thought I’d have to at eight weeks, then four months, then six months.

Would the acute disappointment, the unnecessary guilt and the pain which felt like, well, grief, have dissipated enough for me to take it in and participate? Would I still be avoiding anything that mentioned the B-word because it still hurt that things hadn’t worked out?

These are personal questions for myself that I’ll never have the answer to. Because I am where I am, still breastfeeding, almost by chance. Because those feelings were rooted in what was happening to my body, my mind and my identity at the time. But actually, it’s probably moot anyway. Breastfeeding Awareness Week always passed me by before. It, sadly, might have done so again this year.

Except that I’m taking part in it. No real surprise there. I talk a lot about boobs and breastfeeding. Yes, you’ve noticed. It’s because I don’t think women should have to experience any of the emotions I described above when it comes to how they feed their children.

The more information we have, the more freedom we have to make our choices for our families and have them fulfilled. We need to know about the benefits, learn from each others’ experiences, become empowered through support and find out what breastfeeding is like when it is sustained. I’ll be blogging about these topics every Thursday in June.

It’s part of the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt. Throughout the month of June, in the lead up to Breastfeeding Awareness Week, you can read blog posts about breastfeeding and collect points to win a grand prize with a whole bunch of breastfeeding products from great brands like ARDO, HotMilk, theBabaSling, Juno Magazine and many more.

To keep track of where you can read, learn and maybe win, follow the BoobieMilk blog for email updates. You can also like Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt on Facebook and follow @KeepBritainBF on Twitter.

Come back this Thursday. I’ll be talking about why breastfeeding has been worth it.

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