Love me, Liebster, because I’m ill

The thing I always forget about being ill is that it’s bloody boring. This is even more so when you’re pregnant because you’re likely to get sick more often and whatever you catch will be more extreme and hang around longer than is generally acceptable.

It’s not just that little tasks become gargantuous and your body effectively slows you down, as if the parasite you’re carrying weren’t doing enough of that already.

Last night, I couldn’t even think. A shame, because I was looking forward to writing but even more so because I’d planned to continue my recent domestic streak by finishing the hoovering, mopping, dishes and dinner all before Laurence got home. I don’t know – maybe I wanted a medal or something.

What ended up happening is that none of the above got done and he came home from a work fundraiser to find me in bed and still dressed. He was endlessly amused that I didn’t remember getting there. My only explanation was: “I was downstairs watching TV and then I ended up here.” It was a chippy night for him.

Anyhow, this cold narrows the chances of me thinking up anything particularly thought-provoking or vaguely humorous to say here today so I thought I’d just accept the accolades of others instead. The lovely Liz Dawes at Multum in Parvo extended the Liebster Blog award to me about two weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to thank her for it and pass it on but it just hasn’t really happened, mainly because I’m a brilliant procrastinator. In fact, I’m surprised no one’s awarded me anything for being that just yet.

Liz said: “One of my favourite blogs at the moment is written by the very talented Adele Jarrett-Kerr. A journey through her pregnancy, but so much more. She is a pithy and wry talent, who makes me laugh and ponder and want to keep reading. And I love the design of her blog too – different, quirky and very compelling. Just like the author I suspect.” Today, that’s like chicken soup to my soul. And now that I’ve said that, I really want chicken soup but there’s no one here to get some for me. Alas.

Back on track. I’m supposed to do the following with this award:
1. Create blog post about accepting, with Liebster logo.
2. Link back to person who has nominated me, and happily accept their praises.
3. Nominate 3-5 of my fav blogs, that maybe not everyone in the blogosphere will have tripped over but that are nonetheless FAB, and tell them they’ve been nominated.

Well, to tell the truth if Liz hadn’t already been the one to nominate me, I probably would have nominated her! But here are my three:

Stories of Georgous written by Li-Ling who grew up in Malaysia but is now raising her daughter Georgia in the UK. She speaks eloquently of the contrasts between the cultures and parenting styles, often sharing the funny or startling profound things that Georgia says. You don’t have to be from an Asian background (or even be a parent!) to find something extraordinarily human in her writing.

Yoruba Girl Dancing interrogates issues of race and gender while taking the time for lighter matters, like over handsome cartoon characters. Bim Adewumni is a freelance writer who lives in London and writes with boldness and, often, more than her fair share of wit.

I’ll honestly be surprised if Her Melness Speaks hasn’t already received this award. I’m compelled to nominate her nonetheless. Melinda Sealy Fargo often makes me laugh out loud at my computer screen when I’m reading her stylish and straight-down-the-line blog. She’s a woman who knows what she thinks and the funniest way to express it. She’s got an opinion on everything from sex to grammar and is particularly interested in “The Gibberish Generation” – her term for teenagers – mainly because she’s parent to four of them.

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