Little Readers’ Day Out – Saturday 28th June

I think we started actively reading to Talitha when she was three-months-old. We felt a little ridiculous reading to this tiny baby who hadn’t a clue what was going on but persevered, hoping that she’d come to share our passion for books. In many ways, books were the best part of my own childhood.

I love seeing Talitha really taken with them now. She can often be found on the sofa “reading” to herself. She also loves to bring books to “read” to Ophelia. When we’re out and about, she usually wants to know if there will be children’s books wherever we’re going. She’ll play for a while then tuck herself away for a little quiet time having a flip through a book.

She’s started obsessively asking us what each word says, recognises a few short words and can even sound some out. It’s so interesting seeing this process of learning to read unfold, interwoven with a desperate love for books.

So we’re looking forward to going to the Routes to Reading Little Readers’ Day Out this Saturday (June 28th) at At Bristol Science Centre from 10.30am to 3pm. It’s going to be a fun day of story-telling sessions, rhyme time, workshops, live window art, competitions and giveaways, and expert advice and support – all aimed at 0-3’s and their families (older children will also be catered for).

They’ve said that popular children’s authors Paul Stickland (Dinosaur Roar!), Michelle Robinson (How to wash a woolly mammoth) and Jan Dobbins (Driving my tractor) will be making guest appearances. If you live in or around Bristol, hope to see you there?

Little Readers Flyer

Follow Routes to Reading on Facebook or Twitter (checking them out has just informed me that Peppa Pig will be there on Saturday!)

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