Lost my dignity at The MADs

I’m not sure how a joke about an unused uterus would go down at BAFTA but how else could the self-proclaimed un-broody Muireann Carey-Campbell (Bangs and a Bun) open the Mums and Dads Blog Awards?

My day started with demonstrations of nappy-changing, bottle-feeding and babywearing to reassure my brother, his girlfriend and, mostly, myself that they could babysit without the world ending. They were filling in between me leaving for London and Laurence getting home from work.

(Quick sidenote: Be ye less stupid – don’t leave your baby for 24 hours if you’re breastfeeding. I thought, “My milk supply is shot anyway so what the what.” Well, it turns out that despite pumping while away I still have enough milk to get blocked ducts. Ouch.)

So, I didn’t win but THIS tells you everything you need to know about how the night went down. To Molly from Mother’s Always Right and Jem from Photobox, karaoke – or drink – may not be for us.

And to all who voted for me for Best Pregnancy Blog, take that link as my thanks to you. Since you’ve listened to me yack on and on about my boobs I’ll drop my dignity a few points further just for you.

As promised, I lugged the big-tushed camera and took a few photos:

No walking in heels. I started the night with a taxi ride to the Talk Talk Customer Experience Centre with Melaina from Transatlantic Blonde, Maria from Mummy’s Busy World and Missy B from Missy B and Family.
My outfit was sponsored by Mamas and Papas. This nursing dress is possibly the first thing I’ve worn since giving birth that’s not made me feel ick.

A who’s who board of finalists didn’t really help put online personalities together with real faces. Ah well.

My main regret with this photo is that I didn’t get Muireann’s sexy, slightly Cruella de Vil tights.

Jem, Molly and I basked in our post-karaoke high. Too high for shame.

I had to get a photo of Jane from Northern Mum who deservedly won Best Blog About Family Life because quite honestly, her writing makes me wee with laughter. And with her is the lovely Vic from Glowstars.

Then to end the night I got the taxi back to the hotel with Jax from Making it Up who was wearing her sleepy toddler, making me miss wearing Talitha and reminding me that I need to get to grips with my woven wrap.

Feeling incredibly well-rested after getting more than three hours’ sleep straight, I was up at 6.30am the next day with my roommate Claire from The Life of the Twenty Something Mum. We too sensibly had an early breakfast and headed to Paddington Station so we could get back to our children.

By the way, massive congratulations to Harriet from Is there a Plan B? who won my category. Trundle over and check her out.

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