Love and cold feet

“Keep those blocks of ice away from me,” he says, “Why are your feet always so cold?”

I shrug. “But if you loved, me you’d let me warm my feet on you.”

“And if you loved me, you wouldn’t be so cruel.”

“I was so cold before I had you. You’ve changed my life.”

Begrudgingly, “Ok, but don’t keep moving them around.”

Image: Chris Bögle

[she/her] • writer • unschooler • team Soul Farm • Revillaging podcast • breastfeeding counsellor • Trinidadian in Cornwall

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  • Awww!! Same here too!! My feet have always been cold, suppose it doesnt help that I hate wearing socks so am often wearing bare feet around! I do like using them as a form of torture when the OH annoys me!! 🙂

  • Samera – glad you can identify.

    Emma – I know, right/ He’s always asking why I don’t where socks but it just can’t be done.